Reinventing Myself: As Many Times As It Takes

After quitting my job, taking a life coaching course and announcing that this is what I will be doing now, I’m left with wondering if this is what I actually want to do. Honestly, I have no idea. Some days it feels right. Other days it feels like I am doing it because I took a course to be a Life Coach, so that’s what I should do. It’s causal. I did x, so now I need to do y. But do I?

So I have been asking myself a couple of questions:

1. Where am I “should-ing” myself?
2. How many times am I allowed to reinvent myself?

When I address the first question and take away any “should-ing” from my life, the answers I come up with for the second question are:

– As many times as it takes to scratch away all the layers of conditioning and expectations.
– As many times as it takes for me to stop doing what others expect of me and start doing what feels right for me.
– As many times as it takes to stop being afraid of what people will think of me.
– As many times as I have to until I feel like myself.
– As many times as it takes until I can see my soul with clear eyes and say: There you are. I’ve been looking for you.

What does this mean for this account? It means, it might look different every time. It means I might change my title over and over again. It means I might talk about things that interest me that are totally outside of how you think you know me.

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