Weird Metaphysical Shit

Confession Time: I like weird metaphysical shit. There. I said it.

On top of that, I don’t even think it’s that weird anymore. I just say it’s weird because I know it is not mainstream and this stuff makes people uncomfortable.

My interest started a couple years ago. I had dated this guy very briefly and it was rather toxic. I distinctly recall on the 2nd or 3rd date after he said something hurtful, I heard a voice. It wasn’t like a normal thought or the regular brain chatter. It was almost like something whispered in my left ear: “Kari. It’s not supposed to feel like this.” I brushed it off as weird, decided that I just needed to explain to him that what he said was hurtful, and that he’d stop. Long story short, that was just his personality and he continued to be hurtful for the 3 months we dated.

While licking my wounds and trying to understand why I allowed this person to talk to me the way he did, I kept remembering that voice; That moment of pure intuition that tried to warn me against pursuing anything with this guy. Whatever that was, I wanted more of it and I never wanted to put myself in a position again where I didn’t listen to it.

I started researching intuition. I followed people on Instagram. I started listening to podcasts. I had received a Reiki (Japanese energy healing) treatment while I was on vacation to a resort in Thailand. I googled it and found someone a few blocks from me that taught it. So I took that class and only told a few people. It felt like a dirty secret AND I was hooked. What other modalities were there?

I started hearing about the new age law of attraction/manifestation through the To Be Magnetic community. This opened me up to Human Design (combination of Astrology, I Ching, Kabbalah, Quantum Physics, and Hindu Chakra system), Akashic Records (story of your soul), Basic Astrology, and Shamanism. I have now had astrology readings, an Akashic Record Reading, and received several healings in private and group settings.

After listening to a podcast by @ashleywood , I decided to take her course on reading Akashic Records. After almost a year, someone asked me if I would consider reading their records. I never considered doing it for someone else. After clarifying that I hadn’t done it for anyone else before and wasn’t sure what the results would be, I agreed. She liked it and insisted on paying me. I offered free readings to practice with people within the online community for the course I took. I did 6 or 7 more readings with really positive results. I have since done several more for people in exchange for testimonials or other healings.

So yea. I think this is becoming a thing. 

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