Happiness is the Destiny.

This quote stirs so many emotions. I wrote it down on the first page of one of my journals well over 2 years ago. Before that point, I thought I had been “doing the work” only to have the realization that I had barely only scratched the surface. This quote was my reminder to choose myself and to choose happiness over and over again even when it felt out of reach. 

I have run from myself. I literally ran from a guy that to this day holds a special place in my heart and I never told him. I dated a guy for a year after that because “people settle all the time, so maybe that’s what I’m supposed to do.” This is when I thought I started working on myself. Then I dated a guy that fumbled with my own heart so appallingly in the dark of his confusion that I had no choice, but to face my own dark. 

I have been thinking a lot about destiny and fate recently. I do believe that there are threads of fate that tie souls and purposes together. Sometimes it is only for a reason, a season, or, ultimately, a lifetime. Sometimes we get it wrong. We think they are only for a reason and they were meant to be a lifetime, or maybe we think they might be for a lifetime, but were only meant to be for a season. There is an impeccability with discernment that I am still learning. 

What I do know is that I will continue to choose myself and my happiness over and over again…. Even if that means making a fool of myself, admitting I was wrong, changing career paths, saying goodbye friends, etc.

Happiness is everyone’s destiny. How do you plan on finding yours? What is one way you can choose yourself even if it’s hard or will disappoint everyone you know?

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