Soul Guide, Intuitive, Explorer of Consciousness and Destiny.

Hi! I’m Kari.

I have worn many hats in my life. I went to culinary school to study Baking and Pastry Arts at Culinary Institute of America. I studied Finance and International Business at Michigan State University. After being bored out of my mind working as a Budget Analyst at a hospital in Lansing, Michigan for a year out of college, another job popped up.

For just over 13 years, I worked at the Central Intelligence Agency. I worked in Finance and general support (think of it like a project manager) in DC and parts of the Middle East. What better way to explore shadows than to live in the shadows?!

After a short, but toxic relationship, I experienced a spiritual awakening. My intuitive gifts could no longer be ignored and the way I allowed myself to be treated by others needed to change. It was a reckoning of the way I showed up in this world. Very slowly, but surely, the fractured parts of myself came back together and old, outdated parts of me fell away.

In October 2020, I started the Beautiful You Coaching Academy Course. This wonderful course brought me the key skills I was missing to feel comfortable in the coaching world. After graduating in April 2021, I worked to complete the requirements to become Certified. In August 2021, I became a Certified Beautiful You Coach.

My core intuitive gift is shadow. While working alongside some very snarky, masculine people, I fit in very well and developed an even sharper tongue than I already had. Quick, witty banter would snowball and eventually I’d touch on someone’s darkness out of a “joke.” Sometimes it was laughed off and other times not so much. I grew to be ashamed of it during my awakening and literally left all joking aside for fear of hurting someone. It truly was never my intention yet it seemed to happen so easily even when I was trying. So now, instead of feeling ashamed of it, I am going to work with it as kindly as I can to show people where their self-love has missed a spot.

I have now gone from exploring the world to exploring consciousness and shadow, though I suspect my travel bug will never be diminished. My personal background is that I am a flawed human being working every day to reconnect with my soul. I am a recovering perfectionist, people-pleaser, know-it-all, and chaos seeker. I have lived for the approval and validation of others and abandoned my own needs in the process of seeking that approval/validation.

Where are you holding yourself back? Where do you need to bring more awareness back to yourself? What are your blindspots? Book an Exploratory Call with me if you’re ready to really take a deep look at yourself.

Kari Moore Coaching, LLC

Philadelphia, PA

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