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Where are you holding yourself up with your healing on your way to consciousness? The saying goes that we can’t always see the forest through the trees. I have an intuitive knack for pointing out your shadows and where it’s time to love yourself more. I’d call it a party trick, but usually it just pisses people off. It’s not for the faint of heart because the point is to trigger you. I will do it as kindly as one can, yet know you will meet the darker parts of yourself.

Deep End Soul Guide Series – 1:1

Take a dive into the deep end with this series. This offering is for a 6-Session Soul Guide Series. We’ll spend 12 weeks unearthing your shadows and using a whole lotta light to find a greater place of healing. Not for the faint of heart. Better suited for individuals who have done some of “the work” for healing their lives and can work from a place of self-awareness.

Price: $5,555 One-Time or $2,000/month (First and Last Month due up front; 2nd Payment Due 30 days after the initial payment)

What you will receive?

  • 6 – 60 Minute Zoom Phone Calls
  • Voxer Support for the length of the series and for one week after for integration
  • Copy of the Exploring Consciousness Workbook (once available)
  • A chance to uncover your soul and explore what is keeping you from what you are meant to do on this Earth.

Quick and Dirty Consultation – 1:1 90-Minute Spot Treatment – $444

This offering is for a one-time session held over Zoom to see what small shadows lurk or where you feel like you’re currently missing the mark. This will be driven by what your needs are for this call. Have you been exploring your own consciousness and are looking for a sounding board? Due to the timing, raw honesty with your questionnaire is especially important. The more honest you are with me and yourself, the more shadow we can address. Includes one week of Voxer support after to assist with integration and a copy of the Exploring Consciousness Workbook (once available).

Choose You Own Adventure (Kind of) – 1:1 Explorer of Consciousness Half-Day – $2,222

Do you like hiking? Cheeseboards in a park? Fancy dinners? Me too. We’ll do an in-person 1:1 in one of these settings of your choice. This is a deeply personalized multi-hour in-person session built around some of my favorite activities. Why these options? I am at my most intuitive when I do activities that I love.

Includes one week of Voxer support after to assist with integration and a copy of the Exploring Consciousness Workbook (once available). Responsible for your own lodging, transportation, etc. I will provide food and water for the 3-4 Hour adventure.

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